80 Meter Sloper Antenna

If you have only one antenna support, you may want to try a sloper antenna for your ham radio operations.

Del (W8AMZ) makes and markets a sturdy, easily-erected 80 Meter Sloper antenna that may interest you.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8EVAzMlCAM.

Here are some comments from Del (W8AMZ):

This shortened 80m sloper is an ideal compromise antenna to get you active on 80m. Do you want decent performance on 80 meters? If you have 25' of height you can be on top band with this fantastic reduced length sloper antenna. The feedpoint of this antenna needs to be up about 25-30 feet. The antenna itself slopes for 34 feet away from the feed. This antenna can hand up to 1 KW PEP on SSB. It does provide very good band width for 80m operation. The 80m Reduced Half Sloper loads better then 200khz at 2.1:1 SWR or less when properly trimed/tuned without a tuner.


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