Simple $3.00 Ham Radio Antenna-2M Moxon

If you need a cheap, effective 2 meter antenna, please consider this Moxon antenna from the "Ham Radio Dude." 

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Here are some construction tips from the "Ham Radio Dude":

I had the opportunity to find some old Camping stools from SAVERS, a local thrift store, so I destroyed them and made a Moxon antenna! I have heard the stories of a Lawn chair dipole and Yagi - (Check out for Ham Radio Crash Course's Lawn Chair Dipole) or for a 6 meter lawn chair moxon (This idea is nothing new) Links referenced: Antenna Top Moxon build instructions (VERY GOOD INSTRUCTIONS) - These instructions are super easy to understand and the detail that is gone into is not overly complicated : Moxon calculator in multiple measurements (Inches, Feet, MM, etc) - I forgot to mention why this Moxon really wasn't $3.00: the metals were $3.00, but nuts and bolts cost me 11.50 cents. I used stainless steel nuts and bolts. The coax was RG59 which was laying around. The PVC I also had laying around. I would still say this could be built for less than 20. I will have the spacers available on Thingiverse in the future. In FULL clarity: My motivation from that spacer came from my Hygain 5 element Yagi, which uses a cool, similar piece. I have a few ideas for the future improvement. I realize this is a long video, but I wanted to document how i went through this build, in order to help others. I openly admit that I am in pursuit of knowledge every day and I am just as wet behind the ears as most, but I ENJOY this kind of learning and I know others do as well. Thank You for watching.

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