You want this portable mast for your kit

If you need a simple, light-weight antenna mast for your next POTA, SOTA, or other field operation, please try "The Tenkara Fishing Mast."

Kevin Bowen (K7SW) shows us how to carry, deploy, and use this handy antenna accessory.

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Here are some comments from Kevin (K7SW):

Learn how to setup this mast and never be without a way to get your HF antenna on the air. The Tenkara Fishing Mast is something I learned about from K7ODX the UTAH SOTA section Manager. I have a number of these masts and they are invaluable for SOTA, POTA and just having fun setting up a radio while camping. Support K7SW Ham Radio Content Here Patreon Paypal Ko-Fi @ Tenkara rod Orange ground stake Rubber Twist Tie Nano Cord Para Cord Shrink tube 1 1/4" Using my affiliate links in this description to purchase items seen in this video, costs you nothing more and helps to earn a small commission for the channel that supports making more Videos like this. Thanks for watching 👍 00:00 Begin 00:24 The Mast Details 01:43 Mast setup 02:25 End fed Setup 03:40 Linked Dipole setup 05:55 Vertical antenna setup 07:58 Improvements and maintenance for the mast


Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).



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