Easy Antenna Mount

According to the "Ham Radio Dude", this easily made antenna mount is a "must have" for radio amateurs.

This inexpensive antenna mount can be used on a variety of platforms from vehicles to metal surfaces.

If you can't see the video, please go here:


Here are some comments from author:

For $11.00, the cost of a Chipotle Burrito and a Coke (Probably), YOU can build a simple yet DURABLE antenna mount for your Ham Radio and CB Radio Needs. It is Simple and I'll show you. Next, I'll go into a few INTERESTING mods to make with your $11.00 spike, which will increase the total project cost, but may be worth it to you: 3 Way Antenna Mirror Mount - These are at Hamfests for $8-10 typically. Look in the sections where the dudes are selling all the cheap /half functional COAX Adapters or go to Amazon.com for $13.00 - https://amzn.to/3vYKWI0 Notice the bracket has a 90 degree L shape and the other bracket has a bend. This is good.. If the side of the bracket with the bend is the wrong way, unscrew it, flip it, and screw it back in. Get yourself a tent spike. They are a buck. Harbor Freight, Walmart, Ace Hardware, wherever. If you only need one or two, your best bet is Walmart. If you refuse to go to Walmart, that's cool, go to Ace Hardware, I'm not your Boss. If you want bulk, go to harbor freight or bucks - https://amzn.to/3w15XSm NEED an actual antenna? I have bought cheap ones from Ali Express. NOTE they are not 3/8-24 threaded, but they do work and are less than half the cost of MFJ (video coming soon). The quality of the aliexpress ones aren't as good however. additionally Don't buy your MFJ 1979 on Amazon. the sellers there want 98 dollars! Instead, a company like Gigaparts is $74.00 http://www.gigaparts.com/mfj-1979.htm... * Please note, any amazon links above are affiliate links. This means I may make a portion of commission from each sale. #hamradio #cbradio #antenna #qrznow


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