The Coat Hanger Antenna for 2m and 70cm

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This is post 2582 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

If you need a quick, free, and easy-to-install antenna for 2m and 70 cm, please consider this wonderfully simple project using metal coat hangers.

You may be able to find most of the antenna materials in your home or at a neighborhood yard sale.

The antenna works very well and is quite "stealthy."

Mike (M0MSN) does an excellent job of assembling this easily-made antenna.

Here are some of Mike's comments.

A really quick antenna for 2 metres and 70 centimetres, made from just 2 metal coat hangers and a small length of strip connector just add the fun. Next time coax traps on the DX commander I do hope you enjoy it and subscribe for more.. Many thanks Mike - M0MSN To get notified of the next upload .click that bell and subscribe..


Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).


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