Ground Radials for Vertical Antennas

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Thanks to N0KTZ for this excellent introduction to the theory and practice of making radials for vertical antennas.  A good ground radial or counterpoise system is necessary for your vertical antenna to operate at maximum efficiency.  Well-done, easily understood tutorial.

Here are some general comments from N0KTZ:

"Make your vertical antennas more efficient by making ground radials the appropriate length. I use an easy wire jig for sizing and tuning one set of 15 radials to work for 20, 40 (and ~80) meter ham bands. IMO: The best is to have separate sets of radials cut to a 1/4 wavelength. I’m building all of my portable vertical HF antennas as Quick Deployment/MULTI-BAND use for Parks On The Air activations, remote camping, field day setups, HOA antenna restrictions and emergency radio communications. ------------------------- ☕️ Wanna say thanks and get special recognition on my next video? --- Send me a dollar: 🛎 Subscribe and smack the ding dong! ------------------------- “…the typical quarter-wave vertical is NOT an end-fed antenna - it's a center-fed antenna. The high current is right there at the feed-point. It is the center of a dipole that goes one quarter-wave vertically and the other half of the dipole which is made up of the ground and/or ground radials” --Kurt N. Sterba (May, 1993, page 71 -WorldRadio). Guru References: N6LF K8QIK M0MCX ------------------------- Links to the gear highlighted in this video. I only endorse products that I've personally used. Thanks for the support. 73. ▶ Quad Hands Soldering Bench: ▶ Weller 80-Watt LED Soldering Iron: ▶ Klein Tools Wire Cutter and Stripper 10-22 AWG: ▶ Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimping Set: ------------------------- ▶ Website: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Twitter: ------------------------- DISCLAIMER: Parents are urged to be cautious. This video is not directed toward children. Even though this channel exists for general information pertaining to amateur radio and emergency communication, some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. The N0KTZ YouTube Channel is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to products listed on"
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