80 Meter Half Square. Post 1944.

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Now that propagation is favoring the lower HF bands (160 meters, 80 meters, and 40 meters), you may want to build an antenna that addresses your favorite lower HF band.  May I suggest the 80 meter half square antenna built by Don Johnson (N4DJ)?

The half square antenna is ideal for DX chasing without investing in a very tall tower or buying an "aluminum forest" for radiation purposes.  There's no need for a tower, antenna rotor, or an expensive beam.

A half square antenna is a wire antenna with two vertical radiators fed in phase.  The antenna exhibits a bit of gain, a broadside pattern, a low angle of radiation (around 15 degrees), and needs no ground.  If you feed the antenna at the top left or right edge, the antenna shows a good match to a 50 ohm coaxial feed cable.

Don takes us step-by step through the design, construction, and tuning process.

If you need more information on this antenna, please visit this website:


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