13 Cool Ideas for Your Field Day Antenna. Post #1533.

13 Cool Ideas for Your Field Day Antenna. Post #1533.


Accessed on 22 June 2018, 2110 UTC, Post #1533.

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I've always favored "homebrewed" wire antennas for the annual ARRL Field Day, which occurs on the third full weekend of June.  Whether I've opted to run my portable station in my backyard (because of work requirements) or chosen to help with the Big Island Amateur Radio Club Field Day site, I always have a spare DIY antenna in my van or under my operating desk.  Along with my portable multiband HF antenna, I also carry a "go-kit" with a HF transceiver, solar panels, deep cycle marine battery, an antenna "tuner", spare feed lines (usually 450 ohm ladder line), and a variety of 1:4 and 1:1 current baluns.  I've tried a few of the antennas described in this article and found them to be reasonably simple, portable, and easily repaired should disaster strike.

Thanks to http://www.dxzone.com and a few suggestions from the Amateur Radio Community, here are "13 Cool Ideas for Your Field Day Antenna."  May you make many contacts over the weekend.

"Field Day Antennas


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