Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Japan from Kansas City using 3 Element Vertical Half Yagi Beam Antenna. Post #527.

If you have difficulty viewing this video, please enter the following URL into your browser search box:  Here's an unusual way of getting some decent directivity and gain from a vertical antenna system.  In this homemade video from Bob (W04O), club members used a three-element vertical "half yagi beam antenna" to contact Japan from Kansas City.  Last year I made a three-element vertical yagi on my houselot in the Puna District of Hawaii Island.  The missing half of the yagi is supplied by a ground radio or counterpoise system. In this video, club members are using three S9 Antenna masts to support the vertical elements.  These mast are flexible and can be telescoped down to a fairly short length--perfect for portable and emergency operations.  On my "antenna farm", I used three 16-foot/4.87 meters lengths of schedule 40 PVC pipe to support elements for 15 meters.  The radial system was attached to the shield of the RG-8X feed line, which was run into my trusty Drake MN-4 antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  Each element was separated by a half wavelength (11-feet/3.35 meters).  As with the vertical beam described in this video, performance was excellent, even at 5 watts output from my Ten-Tec Scout HF transceiver.


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