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Mother Nature has put a damper on this weekend's
Drag Race at the Hilo Drag Strip...a wet track means
no fast cars.  As a former racer, the heavy clouds were
a disappointment, but safety outweighs other concerns.
So, it's back to the QTH after I make my media reports
to the newspapers and various racing websites.  I enjoy
my "other" self at the race track--I don't race anymore,
but I manage to keep my hand in by serving as the tower
annoucer.  This is something that complements my job as
a news director.  Nothing solid here...just a welcome es-
cape from the real world.  In many ways, my artificial
world on the weekends gives me a chance to relax and
reduce the stress.  Amateur Radio serves a similar function.
Of course, all of this changes when a natural or man-made
emergency converts many hams to on-call communicators
for various public service agencies  All told, I wouldn't have
it any other way.  Fun and public service are united by
Amateur Radio.  Enough of ye ole's home to
pound some brass on the well-worn J-38 key.  Have a
good weekend...hug your loved ones....have fun.  Aloha
from Hawaii Island.  73, KH6JRM.


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