KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

Well, after a few glitches and computer operator
problems, the blog is up and running again.  I took
a brief break to work on a few workplace projects
while whatever was causing my blog to redirect to
some weird sites passed through.  I suppose my
inattention to detail had a lot to do with this. Multi-
tasking can be a problem sometimes.  Between all
of this, I did manage to work some nice cw on 40
meters, restring the vertical on my new Jackite fiber-
glass mast (nice piece of work), and generally re-
laxed at the rig.  The news department at the radio
station has been a busy place with a tsunami warning
last month (we did get a few small waves in Hilo Bay),
a few moderate earthquakes in the Puna District, and
drought induced brushfires in the Waikoloa area.  Big
Island Amateurs were available for each of these situ-
ations, and provided timely tidal information during the
27 February tsunami warning.  All told, we have been
busy.  Our relationship with the public service angencies
is good.  All of the above provided valuable training for
us. I hope your community is prepared for whatever comes.
Until next time....I leave you with aloha from the Big Island.
73, KH6JRM.


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