Single Ground Radial System for all your portable antennas.

Thanks to Bob, the "HOA Ham" for this compact, simple, and effective ground radial system for your portable antennas.

Bob takes you step-by-step through the theory behind ground radial systems to the construction and positioning of radials for your antennas.  These techniques can be used both at home stations and those in the field.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

Here are some comments from Bob:

I will show you how to make a Single Ground Radial System for ALL Your Portable Antennas: POTA, SOTA, Back Yard Portable SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Patreon: YouTube Membership:    / @hoahamradio   Tip Jar: HOA Ham MERCH: Https:// Xiegu / Radioddity Discounts: SOCIAL MEDIA: HOA Ham Facebook Group: XPA125B AMP Facebook Group: Bikes on the Air Facebook Group: Email: AMAZON LINKS TO PRODUCTS IN THE VIDEO: I may receive a small commission ➽ BNTechGo Wire -- ➽ Sewell Silverback Banana Plugs -- ➽ Female Banana Plug Jack Socket -- ➽ "Y" Banana Jack -- ➽ Gabil GRA-ULT01 Antenna Mount Tripod -- ➽ Gabil GRA-7350T Telescoping Antenna -- ➽ Super Antenna MP1DXMAX -- ➽ Comet HFJ-350M Toy Box Antenna -- ➽ BD7-Maple Ground Spike: -- NON AFFILIATE LINKS: ➽ Mueller 40A Alligator Clip -- ➽ Desco Banana Jack Ring Terminal -- ✿ Watch More Videos: ➦Pair The ICOM IC-705 With The XPA125B Amplifier To Get 100 Watts From Your QRP Rig    • Pair The ICOM IC ...   ➦Small Light Antenna Spike for HOA, POTA, SOTA    • Small Light Anten...   ➦How To Change The Color Of Your Pi Star Dashboard: UPDATED    • How To Change The...   ------------------------------------------------------------- #HOAHam #Antenna #Radials



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