Simple Ham Radio Antennas: A Portable HF Ham Radio Antenna. Post # 321.

Helpful video by Dave (W0ZF) on how to build a simple portable antenna for the amateur radio bands.  The antenna, whether it be for 20 meters, or some other band , is simple, inexpensive, and easy to build.  I've built several 20 and 40 meter versions following Dave's general example.  All have worked very well with powers in the QRP range (1-10 watts).  I got my speaker wire from Radio Shack, the pole was a telescoping fiberglass fishing pole I found at The Sports Authority, and the nylon string, insulators, and coax I had around the shack.  Although you can get by with just a vertical element and a "counterpoise" wire lying on the ground, you will get better performance if you use several elevated radials below the base of the vertical element.  I have a 40 meter version of Dave's antenna which is erected in the backyard of my one-acre property.  I used a 33-ft/10.06 meters MFJ telescoping fiberglass pole, 32-ft/9.75 meters of #18 gauge speaker wire from Radio Shack for the vertical element, and 4 elevated radials measuring 32-ft/9.75 meters each, raised about a foot/0.30 meters above ground.  The antenna works very well.  If I change the coaxial feedline to 450 ohm ladder line and use a 4:1 balun connected to my antenna "tuner", I can get continuous coverage between 40 and 10 meters.  Dave's project would make an excellent emergency, portable, or field day antenna.

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