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Another exciting news day is coming to a close.  With all the stories about the government possibly defaulting on its massive debt and the potential delay in social security checks, my listeners have kept the telephone lines busy.  Throw in a few stories about local environmental and redistricting problems (spawned by the requirements of the 2010 census) and the usual lines about how Hawaii's state government must increase taxes to make ends meet and one gets an exciting week from the news room.  All of the hype, fear, and misinformation surrounding these issues makes me look forward to a relaxed few hours at the old Swan 100 MX or Kenwood 520.  Solutions to the above problems are not impossible--all it takes is for politicians to act like responsible adults and put the interests of the nation first.  I suppose that's asking too much from those who have lost what it means to be a "public servant."  At least in the amateur radio realm, one can always turn the dial to avoid the occasional nasty or negative personality.  Oh, that real life were that simple.

Because of work requirements, I didn't get to do much on the recently completed IARU HF championships.  Propagation during my off hours wasn't too good from my Hamakua Coast location.  Nonetheless, I found the bands fairly active, eventhough my 10-watt signal didn't make much of an impact.  I still had fun and managed to get a few relaxing hours at the trusty old Yaesu FT-7.  My battery-solar power charging system performed well and the inverted "vee" seemed to "hear" signals well despite some QSB and QRN.  I hope your station did well.

This weekend will be a mixed package, since I'm  slated to announce at the July Points Meet at the Hilo Drag Strip.  Most of my operating will be done as time allows.  That's the nature of the radio business.  There are no breaks unless the job is done, however long it takes.  At least my work is rarely dull.  There's always something to keep me busy. 

I trust your upcoming weekend will be positive and challenging from an amateur radio point of view.  'Till next time...Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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