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Now that the super bowl is over, it's back to what
some of us in the news business call the "real world".
With things the way they are these days, who's to say
what is real anymore?  On one hand ,you have the
largest national block party with a truly outstanding
game and , on the other hand, you have a nation
struggling to climb out of an ever deepening financial
black hole.  Surely makes for an exciting year--never
a dull minute.  After a full day of reporting everything
from riots and revolution to acts of heroism and  pure
kindness, I'm ready to call it quits until the next news
cycle begins. 
The Hawaii Island news week began with a kidnapping
on Sunday.  It seems the suspect commited acts of violence
against some family members last week and has been on
the run from police.  Police were able to find the car in-
volved, but, so far, there has been no trace of him or his
unlucky victim.  Police say this whacko is possibly armed
and should be considered tell.  It was a good
thing most of the island was inside watching the game.  I've
about had it with psychopaths who fault society for their
personal deficiencies.  And so, we go about our business
with this kind of character running around terrorizing inno-
cent people.  I guess no community is immune from this
sort of person.  This state, like many others on the U.S.
mainland, has cut social and mental health services, be-
cause of an on-going budget crisis.  Perhaps, the afore-
mentioned malfactor could have been stopped if pro-
fessional help were available.  But, I guess it's a pipedream
to believe such services will be restored anytime soon.  What
a mess.  That's why I'm glad amateur radio provides at least a
temporary respite from the disentegrating social order.  Of
course, I've run into a few "characters" on 75 meters that
could provide a real change to your daily routine...some of
these guys make CB opertors models of civility.  Oh, well,
I just turn the dial and look for meaningful discussion else-
where.   Over the course of several years, I've gravitated to
cw and the other digital modes, partly because of the behavior
displayed by some operators.  And yes, I do have a CB rig
in my van.  I use it to communicate with my neighbors and
local REACT-type of units in our rural areas.  Most of the
CB operators in Hawaii County are pretty good folks.  Several
rural subdivision neighborhood watch groups are active on CB
and they tend to be professional and polite when they are on
the air.  It's hard to generalize about radio behavior--every field
and hobby has its obvious problems.  Most of the people I run
into on the amateur and CB frequencies are decent folks.  So,
once the day is done, a stint in the shack provides genuine stress
relief--besides, the xyl knows  where I am and can count on me to
help out where it's needed.  I have enough radio projects to keep
me busy and out of trouble.  That may be a blessing in disguise,
considering the pressure cooker I sometimes find myself in during
the news day.  Nothing like deadlines and a little stress to keep the
ole ticker going.  For me, amateur radio provides necessary stress
relief and a chance to share experiences with those around the world.
The internet is great, but I still enjoy launching rf into the "ether" and
seeing where it goes.  I suppose Marconi's ghost is still in the house.

I trust you survived the weekend.  There's lots to do this week--
especially losing those pounds packed on during the super bowl.
I never learn--those buffalo wings taste so good.  Aloha es 73
de KH6JRM.


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