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The New Year has arrived.  For those of us in the broadcast
news business, it's time to produce our top sports and news
stories for the year.  These programs are usually aired as
special programs on the weekends.  Once all of that is done,
it's time to rough out plans for the year ahead, discard the
old files, and review equipment, transmitter, and program
logs for any problems.  New Year's Day on Hawaii Island
has dawned bright, sunny, and warm, a perfect time to
complete the necessary tasks, produce the daily news
broadcasts, and get ready for a weekend of amateur
radio.  Not a bad mix.  This approach could also apply
to our amateur radio activities--clean out the old files,
fill out and mail qsl cards (or enter data into the various
e-mail qsl programs), repair the antennas, clean up
equipment, and straighten out the "junque box".  I
doubt if I'll do all of this, but it is a start.  As for those
pesky resolutions, I've adopted a new approach--no
resolutions.  That eliminates guilt and allows me to for-
give my occaisional bouts of stupidity.  If there are to be
resolutions, decide to become more active, try a new
mode, erect a new antenna, build something, and help
a new ham get on the air.  I wish all of you the best in
this challenging new year.  Don't give up, ignore the nay-
sayers, and do your best to remain civil in a world that
is slipping into darkness.  Love and protect your family,
support your neighbors, and hold people, including your-
self, accountable.  Things could be worse--we could be
organized.   Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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