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Inventory, restocking, and repairs continue at the Laupahoehoe
qth.   With the economy being so fragile these days, I'm monitoring
the financial "empire" more closely than I once did.  I have a few
long term projects on the burner (new rig, for example), but, for
now, I'm making due with what I have.  As mentioned earlier, I
acquired a well-cared for Kenwood 520 from the family of a
recently deceased Hilo amateur.  With the acquisition of a new
power cord (thanks to K4EAA) and a new 12BY7A driver
tube, the grand ole rig is just about ready to put on the air.  The
rig tunes up well into the dummy load, albeit the original 2001 final
tubes are a bit "soft".  I ordered the PC-2 power cord before I
found a 12-prong plug in the junk box.  At least I have a spare.
A trip to the local hardware store will provide whatever wire,
nuts, bolts, clamps, and other items the junk box now lacks. I'll
wrap up the weekend with a clean-up of the Swan 100-MX and
a restringing of the 40-meter vertical.  The tropical salt air really
does a number on clamps and bare wire.  All the solar panels and
batteries are working well, so I'm just about set after regualr rig
maintenance is done.  Have a good weekend.  73 de KH6JRM
(Hawaii Island).


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