Deploying a J-Pole Antenna to a tree

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This is post 2531 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

Trees make excellent support for a variety of HF/VHF/UHF antennas.  The trick is to get the antenna high enough without snarling the wire and feed line.

In this video from "biblesnbarbells", we see the easiest way to launch a J-Pole antenna into the upper branches of a tree.  

Although a rock is handy, I prefer something a bit more accurate--such as a slingshot or a bow and arrow.

Here are some comments from the video:

In this video I demonstrate how to deploy your J-Pole Antenna using a tree branch as a base. I used 25 feet of high viz paracord, tied one end to a rock. I tossed the rock ofer the tree branch and tied off the remaining paracord on the base of the tree. Next I removed the rock and tied the other loose end of the paracord through the antenna and hoisted up to the height I desired. Once this was done, I tied the paracord to the base of the tree again. I now can connect my ham radio and listen for traffic.
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