How to build a Fan Dipole Amateur Radio Antenna Field Day

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If you want to operate several bands during the ARRL Field Day, why not build a simple, inexpensive "Fan Dipole Antenna"?

In this great, "down-to-earth" tutorial from Callum McCormick ("DX Commander"), we learn what is need to design, build, and test this dipole variant.

Here are some of Callum's comments:

"I have built so many fan dipoles, I have now forgotten most of them! And I have never found the spacing between elements too critical either. Tune the longest one first (apparently) and it'll just work. Amazing fun. Balun Myths: Easy SWR: HEY! Subscribe here: My Shop: Playlists: All about Verticals: My Crazy Vlogs: Ham Radio Foundation Training: Goodies for radio buffs: Software for Radio Guys: Antenna Software Modelling: Ham Radio Tips: PS Sub-Titles help out some folks and non-English speaking people. If you are bi-lingual, you can help the others by contributing your time to closed caption subtitles here: Let me know if you've done this and I can give you appropriate credit. Enjoy your science folks. Good luck. Callum. M0MCX. DX Commander Founder. Music: EpidemicSound (I have an account)."
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Thanks for joining us today.

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