Wednesday, March 25, 2020

J-Pole Stealth Antenna (Do It Yourself)

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Are you having a difficult time reaching your favorite VHF/UHF repeater because your deed-restricted home or apartment prohibits ham radio antennas? 

If this is the case, then this clever, simple J-Pole antenna from WJ6F may provide some answers for you.  The antenna works well and is stealthy at the same time.

Here are some construction notes:

"Click THIS LINK to learn how to make your very own Stealth Antenna!! For those who live under a homeowner's association (HOA). The original concept for a stealth J-Pole video was AF5DN which can be seen at Items Used: Arrow Antenna's J-Pole OSJ 146/440 - HRO ( ) 3/4" Threaded Schedule 40 pipe - Home Depot 3/4" Cap - Home Depot 3/4" Flange - Home Depot QUIKRETE 10-lbs Concrete Mix - Home Depot Flower Pot - Home Depot Various Fake 6' Vines - Michaels Role of Burlap Wrap - Michaels ******************************************* DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE Join My Patreon Community! Check Out Our Community! ➡️ ******************************************* Please Visit My Amazon A Store: Please Visit My Sites: Thanks for watching, and please subscribe!"


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