Ideas for compact 80m/160m antenna DX

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If you're having a difficult time getting an 80 meter or 160 meter antenna to fit the limited space of your property, then this video from Callum (M0MCX) may help solve your problem.

Callum explores a number of possible solutions, ranging from linear loading an inverted L to more complex answers involving coils, segmented dipoles, and even loop antennas.

Here are some of Callum's notes:

"Inverted Ls do work for these low bands but what if you don't even have that amount of space? Perhaps linear loading an inverted L might do the trick, although the bandwidth might be tight - and the impedance might not be perfect either. Anyway, we'll see. HEY! Subscribe here: My Shop: Enjoy your science folks. Good luck. Callum. M0MCX. DX Commander Founder."

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