Friday, March 13, 2020

How To Build a 6 Meter Plus Antenna. Post 2173.

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Thanks to the late Raymond Jackson (KB9COL) for this excellent step-by-step guide in designing, making, and adjusting a "R 6 Meter-Plus Antenna."  If you need a 6 meter antenna with proven results, then you can't go wrong in duplicating Raymond's idea.

Raymond's presentation is well-organized and easy to understand.  Here are some ideas from the video:

"Raymond Jackson ( kb9col ) is showing how to build your own 6 METER PLUS antenna. This is a great step by step instructional video. The Length of the 75 ohms coaxial cable " each " is 32 inches. This is from the tip of center " Male " ( Hot ) pin of the PL 259 to the tip of the eye solder terminal . Raymond Jackson:


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