Stealth EZ End Fed Antenna and SG239 Smart Tuner an indoor antenna by G0...

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Getting on the air from a deed-controlled property (HOA/CC&Rs) is difficult and often challenging.

In this video from Chris (G0MRR), we see what one UK radio amateur has done to get on the air without neighbors noticing his efforts.  Chris's equipment is modest--A Yaesu FT-890 HF transceiver, a 9:1 UnUn, a length of wire, and a SG239 auto "tuner".

Of particular importance is the use of a good ground condition, something which Chris addresses in his situation.  A metal roof can be a real hindrance to successful operating.

Here are some of Chris's observations:

"Yaesu FT890 with EZ End Fed Antenna and SG239 Smart Tuner gives great results and is ideal as a stealth antenna. visit for further details. See Also: See Also: G0MRR: For a great deal more imformation on the STEALTH Antenna Look at mt web site:"
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