Thursday, October 24, 2019

#28: My QRP "go kit" backpack with IC-703+ ham radio

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Every radio amateur should have a "Go-Kit" for portable or emergency operations.

In this well-organized and easy to understand tutorial, W2AEW show us his personal "go-Kit" made from easily obtainable materials.

W2AEW explains how he assembled his portable QRP station:

"This video shows my portable ham radio station "go kit". It is contained in a backpack from PowerPort ( My lovely wife had the pack embroidered with my callsign before she gave it to me. She also bought me the ZM-2 tuner kit, as well as the AstroFlight Whattmeter (thanks to Jerry N2GJ for the suggestion!). It's wonderful having a supportive spouse! The antennas are the Par Electronics tri-band end-fed antenna, and the Super Antennas MP-1 multiband vertical antenna. The tuner is a z-match style tuner from Emtech. I use 7aH gel-cell batteries, and charge them with a Battery Tender float charger from Deltran"
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