New Home Brew Ladder Line. Post 1968.

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Multiband HF antennas can achieve higher efficiency and less power loss if you use a balanced feed line.

Although 300 ohm television twin lead and 450 ohm ladder line are available from a number of vendors, why not make your own balanced feed line and get even lower losses?

In this video, Steve Ellington shows how to make your own balanced feed line.

Steve used 12 AWG "Flexweave 545" from The Wireman for his ladder line.  The 6 inch/15.24 cm spreaders are made from acrylic sold by UPC in Lima, Ohio U.S. Plastics.

In addition to these materials, Steve used 14 inch/35.56 cm black wire ties to secure the spreaders.  Steve's center-fed antenna measures 130 ft/39.63 meters long and is approximately 50 ft/15.24 meters above ground.  His antenna "tuner" is a MFJ-998.  No baluns or chokes were needed by the antenna.  LMR-600 coaxial cable runs from the "tuner" to the shack.

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