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Experimenting with antennas is one of the great joys of ham radio.

In this video from Kevin Loughin (KB9RLW), we go back in time to one of the "classic" HF antennas from the 1920s and 1930's.  Kevin's end fed half wave with built-in counterpoise is based on an original 1909 design by German engineer Hans Beggerow, who later used the antenna on Zeppelin Air Ships.

Along with other comments, Steve Ellington fills us in on Beggerow's original concept:

Steve Ellington
Hans Beggerow's antenna didn't have a counterpoise. That ladder line section was 1/4 wavelength long
and acted as a transmission line transformer which
transformed the high impedance antenna to a low
impedance thus moving the high voltage point far
away from the hydrogen filled balloon. It was simply
a safety feature and met the need at the time.

Why not try this antenna for your station?  The antenna is easy to make and performs well on several amateur radio HF bands.

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