Saturday, May 11, 2019

HOA Stealth Backyard Vertical 10m-80m Antenna - MFJ-1979, RadioWavz P-80. Post 1864.

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Operating an amateur radio station in a deed-restricted property governed by HOAs and CC&Rs presents a real challenge.  In this video from "remingtonh" we see how a simple monoband vertical antenna can gain multiband capability while remaining nearly invisible to nosey neighbors.

The antenna is a modified MFJ-1979 1/4 wave 20 meter vertical coupled to a RadioWavz Patriot 80 adjustable loading coil, supported by a Hustler mast, and tuned in part by a MFJ-959 capacitive matcher.  Remingtonh has installed a good ground radial system to improve the efficiency and performance of the vertical.

To make the antenna a bit more stealthy, I would recommend a coat of green or brown paint to help the vertical blend in with its surroundings.  A tilt over device could be used to lower the antenna when it's not being used.  A case of "out of sight, out of mind" for those overly curious about the structure in remingtonh's backyard.

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