Wednesday, May 8, 2019

DX Engineering 43 Foot 160 to 10 Meter Vertical Antenna Pt 3 of 3. Post 1861.

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In this video, "David S" finishes his 3-part series on how to build the DX Engineering 43 Foot/13.109 Meter 160 to 10 Meter Vertical Antenna.  In this section, David finishes the extensive ground radial system which will boost the performance of the antenna and provide a low take-off angle for DX contacts.

Tuning is accomplished by using the DX Engineering Multiband Vertical UNUN in combination with your in-shack wide range "tuner."  DX Engineering supplied the ground plate needed for the attachment of the ground radial system.  Although the radial system is laid on the ground, you may want to bury the radial wires a bit below the surface so that grass covers the radial field.  Once the grass grows a bit, you can trim the area with a lawn mower to keep the installation neat and clean.  You can make narrow slits for the radial wires with a lawn edger or a pizza cutter.

David S has done an excellent job of showing how to build an effective DX antenna.  Although the installation of the MBVE-1 Multiband HF Vertical Antenna is labor intensive, you will more than make up for the effort with some excellent DX contacts.

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