Review of MFJ-1984MP End-Fed Multi-band Antenna (# 89). Post 1799.

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End-fed antennas can be tricky to tune properly, especially if your ground radial or counterpoise system is not up to par.  Such is the case with the popular MFJ-1984MP End-Fed Multi-band Antenna, tested in this video from Dave Casler (KE0OG).  Dave goes through the installation process step-by-step to ensure that you have a good ground connection for this antenna.  Dave offers a few suggestions on how to install the balun so that SWR and other gremlins don't interfere with antenna performance.  Those commenting on Dave's website suggest raising the balun about 3-feet/0.914 meters above ground.  After some trial and error, Dave was able to adjust the antenna so it worked efficiently.  For a more in depth review of a similar end-fed half-wave antenna, please check out the March 2016 issue of "QST."

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