Cheap Yagi 6 element beam antenna for 221.1 MHz. Post #1663.

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If you're tired of the noise and congestion on the 2 meter and 70 cm amateur radio bands, why not try the largely unexplored region around 221.1 MHz in the 1 3/4 meter band?  Because of the lack of readily available transceivers and antennas for this band,  you may have to build your own antenna and search awhile for a suitable VHF transceiver covering this band. The search may be worth the effort, since this slice of the rf spectrum offers many of the same advantages as the 2 meter amateur radio band, but without the noise and crowded conditions.

In this video, KA5D modifies an original design by WA5VJB to produce an inexpensive 6 element beam antenna centered at 221.1 MHz.  Most of the antenna materials can be found in your junk box or at the nearest hardware or building supply outlet. 

Although KA5D uses this horizontally polarized beam antenna for rover and portable use, it can be used at your home station to contact any 220-222 MHz repeaters that may serve your area. 

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