A simple broadband HF vertical antenna. Post #1644.

A simple broadband HF vertical antenna. Post #1644.


Author:  Martin Ehrenfried (G8JNJ).

Accessed on 13 October 2018, 0045 UTC. Post #1644.

Comment:  In this well-written and fully documented post from Martin Ehrenfried (G8JNJ), we learn how to make a simple broadband antenna which doesn't need an antenna "tuner", and is capable of providing "moderate performance" on all amateur radio bands from 7 MHz to 28 MHz.  Martin says he built this antenna for around L20 (less than $50 US).  Martin uses this antenna for beacon monitoring using Faros software, as a WSPR personal beacon, or for HF ALE operations using PC ALE.  The report is richly illustrated with graphs, photos, and various performance data.  Here are the key elements of his broadband HF vertical antenna:

The basic components of the antenna are a 9m fishing pole, 6m support pole, home built 5:1 transformer and some wire. These are configured as shown in the diagram below.



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