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If you live in deed-controlled housing governed by a HOA or CC&Rs, you may have to be creative and "stealthy" if you wish to pursue HF contacts on authorized Amateur Radio bands.  In this video from rcobo 101, we get an idea of what can be done if you're determined to get on the air.  This on-the-ground HF antenna was inspired by Tom Toia (K3MT) and his "grasswire antenna".  You can find a full explanation of this curiously effective ground hugging antenna by going to the left hand sidebar and checking under "amateur radio antennas--theory and practice" or by searching google under "K3MT grasswire antenna."  The original antenna designed by Tom used a coax feed line, a homebrewed 9:1 balun, and a ground radial wire or a copper ground rod.  In the version shown by rcobo 101, the antenna used 100 feet/30.48 meters of speaker wire laid on the ground and a MFJ random wire antenna "tuner" to make the system work.  This simple arrangement collected three good contacts, plus a report from the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN).

I've used Tom's original design at my Hawaii Island QTH in the Puna District with some success, especially on 80 and 40 meters.  If you want a "stealthy" HF antenna that is nearly invisible, the K3MT "grasswire antenna" could be what you're looking for.  Please check out Tom's original article and build one for yourself.  Remember the old adage:  A compromise antenna is better than no antenna at all.

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