Helical Antenna for the 20-meter band, Post #1430.

Helical Antenna for the 20-meter band


Author:  Igor Grigorov (VA3ZNW).

Accessed on 13 March 2018, 2105 UTC, Post #1430.

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Thanks to Igor Grigorov (VA3ZNW) for this wonderful idea for a small, easy-to-tune 20-meter helical antenna which can be used on all amateur radio bands from 40 meters to 10 meters with an antenna "tuner."  Igor says this reduced size HF antenna works well, considering its dimensions.  The antenna is also "stealthy" and won't attract the attention of neighbors.

The article provides a good step-by-step tutorial on how to design, build, and use this antenna.  Igor's article contains several well thought-out steps:

The importance of grounding and ground radial systems
Tuning and adjusting the antenna
Schematics and diagrams of the antenna
Antenna "tuner" requirements

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