160m Short Vertical Loft Antenna-G3XBM QRP WERBSITE. Post #1442.

160m Short Vertical Loft Antenna-G3XBM QRP WEBSITE


Author:  Roger (G3XBM).

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In a previous post, I showed how a little creativity and experimentation can launch a full-sized 160 meter Amateur Radio antenna.  Fortunately, the two radio amateurs in this video had enough land and tall supports to make this antenna work.

If you don't have these advantages, can you still get on 160 meters with a usable signal?  If you're Roger (G3XMB), the answer is a resounding "Yes".  By adopting a modified helical antenna design, Roger was able to put a small 160 meter vertical antenna in his loft (attic). 

The idea was to wind a length of PVC piping with as much wire as I could find (a bit like a helical, but on 160m), attach some top capacitance in the form of a couple of horizontal wires, bring the whole thing to resonance, tuned against my central heating system as ground. Design is not critical. If you use a different ground you may not get away with just a series tuned circuit as in my case and you may have to use a proper ATU.


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