Doublet aerial for HF amateur ham radio short wave bands. Post #1314.

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This video is another great production from Ray of the "Radio Workshop" in the UK.  In this video, Ray provides all of the theory, construction practices, and uses of the classic "doublet antenna."  This old design can be used for both single and multiband use, depending on what feedlines and antenna lengths you choose. If you prefer the multiband approach, then this video is for you.  The concept is simple:  build a dipole antenna for the lowest frequency of use, feed the antenna with balanced line (300 ohm tv ribbon, 450 ohm ladder line, or homemade 600 ohm balanced line), run the balanced line into an antenna "tuner" that handles balanced line or connect the balanced line to a 4:1 current balun, and use a small length of 50 ohm coaxial cable to connect the balun to your antenna "tuner."  Place the "doublet" as high as you can and get set to enjoy some pleasant hours chasing DX.  Ray's video tutorial is excellent, well-produced, and easy to understand.

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