ATS3B QRP QSO with Indoor Antenna. Post #1229.

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If you're hardpressed to get on the air from a deed-restricted property, you may find this quickly designed and built indoor antenna from JC Haywire a possible solution.  The wire antenna was suspended from a support in his apartment stairwell.  Here's the project description:

It was a speaker cord from the Walgreens down the street. I split the cord, put one side up the stairwell and tied it to a curtain rod--put the other end into the kitchen and laid it on the floor--and I was getting out of that wood-framed bungalow pretty well. I used an alligator clip to 'ground' the rig and the counterpoise wire to the chair I was sitting in. That's it. Radio is fun!

Fairly crude, but it works!

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