Chameleon P-LOOP 2.0 Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna Field Test. Post #1151.

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HF magnetic loop antennas are becoming popular with portable, emergency, and home operations.  Radio amateurs have used these fascinating, man-portable antennas where other antennas aren't practical or desired, especially in deed-restricted homes and apartments governed by HOAs and CC&Rs.

In this video, OH8STN field tests the Chameleon P-LOOP magnetic loop antenna in a practical situation with less than friendly weather.  Despite its limited bandwidth, the magnetic loop antenna is small, easily assembled, and completely portable--something to consider if you're hiking into a remote area or forced to erect temporary antennas in less than favorable housing conditions. Considering its limitations, the Chameleon P-LOOP does fairly well outdoors and should be considered a useful standby antenna for your next Field Day or portable operation.  If you have a bit of mechanical skill, you can also design and build your own magnetic loop antenna.  This antenna would make an excellent club project.

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