Solving Final Loop Problems. Post #1132.

Solving Final Loop Problems
Author:  Larry Makoski (W2LJ).
Accessed on 15 May 2017, 20:55 hrs, UTC.
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One of the major issues facing builders of homebrewed magnetic loop antennas is how to support the loop without it falling over because of wind, weather, and other factors.  In this post, QRP enthusiast Larry Makoski (W2LJ) found a simple answer to supporting his magnetic loop antenna, with help from Ido Roseman (4X6UB) and the neighborhood Home Depot outlet.

As illustrated in his post, Larry bought a Husky Tripod assembly that supports an industrial grade halogen construction light.  With a few modifications, this sturdy tripod was able to support Larry's magnetic loop antenna without it being overturned by wind and bad weather.  Larry added that the cost of the large-based tripod was modest (around $19) and was still small enough to be portable.

Hopefully, Larry's article will give you a few more ideas on how to support your magnetic loop antenna.

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