Simple Ham Radio Antennas--W5ALT Indoor Vertical Antenna. Post #943.

W5ALT Indoor Vertical Antenna
Accessed on 06 November 2016, 03:55 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Walt (W5ALT).
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Fascinating article from Walt (W5ALT) on how to design, build, and use an indoor vertical antenna.

According to Walt, this simple, base-loaded vertical made from readily available parts enable him to work over 100 countries, all 50 U.S. states on HF, and over 100 grid squares on 6 meters using SSB, CW, and PSK 31 from his apartment in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The key to this antenna's success is the large, tapped loading coil at the antenna's base and an effective radial or counterpoise system.

Walt also dismisses some of the common myths concerning indoor antennas and says a properly designed indoor vertical antenna will work well if you pay attention to detail and work at lower power levels.

Although this antenna won't match the performance of an outdoor vertical or dipole antenna, it will get you on the air and provide enough contacts to keep your operating time full.  A similar commercial product is made by MFJ as the MFJ-1622 portable 40-10 meter portable antenna. I have the 1622 mounted on my back lanai (porch) as an emergency antenna.  It works well, considering its limitations.

Whether you build Walt's design or opt for a commercial model from MFJ, it's important to have a back up antenna that can be used in an emergency or for portable operations.  Walt's antenna fulfills that requirement nicely.
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