Thursday, November 24, 2016

Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Mini Whip Antenna. Post #962.

Mini Whip Antenna
Author:  Roelof Bakker (PA0RDT).
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Accessed on 24 November 2016, 20:40 hrs, UTC.

If you want to monitor VLF and shortwave signals without drawing attention to a large outdoor antenna, then try this intriguing antenna design from Roelof Bakker (PA0RDT).

The "Mini Whip" antenna for VLF and shortwave radio reception is a small device capable of excellent performance on the very low frequency (VLF) bands, as well as the HF shortwave frequencies.  The antenna is about the size of a ball point pen and uses a copper plate and J-310 FET to receive and amplify the signal.

Roelof provides a series of graphs and records to support his reception claims. As with most small antennas, it helps to mount the device outside if you can.

This antenna would be ideal for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners living in deed-restricted housing.
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