Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Improving the Super-J. Post #967.

Improving The Super J
Author:  John Higgins.
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Fascinating article from antenna engineer John Higgins.  In this richly documented article, Higgins show us how to improve the already excellent performance of a VHF/UHF J-Pole antenna.

According to Higgins, the collinear J-Pole antenna, commonly referred to as the "Super-J", improves the efficiency and performance of a regular J-Pole.  Higgins says the key to successful "Super-J" design is "the phasing stub with a simple coil."  This stub allows for only a small separation between the two half-wave radiators in this antenna.

Mr. Higgins backs up his design with photos, SWR curves, impedance charts, radiation patterns, and actual on-air experience.  The "Super-J" antenna is easily made from locally available materials.  Why not make a "Super-J" for your VHF/UHF operations?  You may never go back to an ordinary J-Pole antenna again.

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