Simple Ham Radio Antennas--40 Meters Wire Yagi Antenna. Post #965.

40 Meters Wire Yagi Antenna
Accessed on 28 November 2016, 00:55 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Ron Schwartz (VE3VN).
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If you'd always wanted a 2-element beam on 40 meters but couldn't afford the antenna or the tower need to support this aluminum structure, you may find this experimental antenna design from Ron Schwartz (VE3VN) interesting.

Although Ron hasn't built this antenna yet, he has run some preliminary design tests and thinks this antenna could provide the directivity you desire at a modest cost.

Basically, the antenna consists of two 40-meter inverted vee antennas.  Only one support is necessary for the boom.  The ends of the inverted vee are attached  to support roles leading to tie off points.

This would be a fun experiment for a weekend.  You can find most of the materials at the nearest hardware store or home improvement outlet.

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