Simple Ham Radio Antennas--30m Vertical Dipole. Post #946.

30m Vertical Dipole
Author:  Terry Glagowski (W1TR).
Accessed on 08 November 2016, 19:55 hrs, UTC.
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Here's an interesting antenna project for radio amateurs hampered by lack of space or other restrictive housing arrangements.  A vertical dipole antenna may solve many problems, especially if you lack room to install a proper ground radial or "counterpoise" system.

Terry Glagowski (W1TR) has designed a compact, portable, and easily assembled vertical dipole antenna for the 30 meter Amateur Radio band.

The antenna is made from #10 stranded wire available from most hardware and building supply outlets. According to Terry, "the feedpoint uses a T-section of PVC pipe...the coax loops through the PVC pipe to provide strain relief."

Each leg of the vertical dipole measures 23-feet/7.012 meters, with the top part of the antenna supported by a 70-foot/21.34 meters tree branch.

The coax used for the feedline is RG-8X.  According to Terry, the antenna is resonant at 10.125 MHz.

The antenna can be scaled for any amateur radio frequency you want.
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