Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The All-Band HF Doublet. Post #936.

The All-Band HF Doublet
Accessed on 29 October 2016, 22:50 hrs, UTC.
Author:  N4UJW.
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If you need a simple, effective multiband HF antenna for your shack, you should consider building the "All-Band HF Doublet" antenna.  All you need are two vertical supports, some ladder line, tv twinlead, or homemade balanced feed line, some 12-14 gauge house wire, a center insulator, insulators, rope, and an antenna "tuner" with balanced line connectors.  If your "tuner" doesn't have balanced line connectors, you can run the feed into a 4:1 current balun and use a short length of 50 ohm coaxial cable to connect the "tuner" to your HF transceiver.

N4UJW and the Ham University have done an excellent job of explaining the theory, design, construction, and use of this classic antenna. N4UJW gives you all of the basic formulas, wire lengths, feeder lengths, and auxiliary materials you need to build this simple multiband HF antenna.

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