Simple Ham Radio Antennas--20/40 Meter Short Coax Trap Dipole Antenna. Post #938.

20/40 Meter Short Coax Trap Dipole Antenna
Source:  http://www.dxzone.
Accessed on 01 November 2016, 00:40 hrs, UTC.
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A properly designed and built trap dipole antenna will provide nearly full dipole performance for those living in restricted housing areas.  The total length of this dipole antenna, including the two traps, is only 43.5 feet/13.26 meters--small enough to fit in many urban backyards.

This article is a well-organized tutorial that explains the theory, design, and construction of a 20/40 meter trap dipole antenna, including a list of materials and how to build the traps.  The report contains a simple coax trap design calculator and ample photographs and illustrations.

If you're cramped for space and still want decent dipole performance, then this 20/40 meter trap dipole antenna is for you.
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