Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Ham radio-the simple and effective antenna on 20 meters for field work.

If you're unable to view this video, please insert this title link into your browser search box: This is post #921 in a continuing series of articles on simple ham radio antennas.  This is a nicely-done video tutorial from Alex Razorschchuk (UX5UU) on how to build a simple, effective 20 meter vertical antenna for portable or emergency use.  All you need is a sturdy tripod, a telescoping fiberglass fishing pole (6.3 meters/20.66 feet long), 2 wires measuring 5.2 meters/17.56 feet long, a convenient length of RG-58 coaxial cable, and an antenna analyzer to trim for the lowest SWR.  Alex also provides SWR curves and other performance tests for his easily made antenna.  This antenna would make a good weekend project.

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