Simple Ham Radio Antennas--2m Ladder Line J Pole. Post #917.

If you're not able to view the video, please insert this title link into your browser search box: In this video from KD0RVY, we learn how to assemble and use a simple 2m J-Pole made from 450 ohm ladder line.  This antenna is suitable for a variety of operations, including portable, emergency, and home use.  Although KD0RVY calls his creation a J-Pole, it may be more accurate to call this antenna a "slim jim".  J-Poles are usually bridged at the bottom of the antenna.  In this antenna, the bridge is at the top.  But that's only a minor quibble.  I've built a few of these antennas for 2 meters and they work remarkably well.  Keep one of these antennas in your "Go Kit."

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