Earths, losses and vertical antennas. Post #777.

Earths, losses and vertical antennas
Please click link to read the full article and to view examples of Bobtail Curtain antennas.
Author:  Rob Kalmeijer.

Rob Kalmeijer has assembled an easily understood tutorial on the design, construction, and use of Bobtail Curtain Antennas.  Bobtail Curtain Antennas are excellent low-angle vertical radiators exhibiting a broadside, bidirectional pattern. These antennas offer modest gain and some directivity. Most Bobtail Curtain arrays are used for single band use, but can be adapted to other bands with a sturdy antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  HF Bobtail Curtains use a lot of space especially for frequencies of 7 MHz and below.  A 10 meter Bobtail Curtain Antenna is certainly manageable and can be used to good advantage when the band is open.  The illustrations accompanying the tutorial will give you a general idea of the dimensions involved.

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