Simple Ham Radio Antennas--W3EDP antenna illustrations. Post #667

W3EDP antenna illustrations
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If you're in an experimental mood, try one of these W3EDP antenna projects illustrated by these slides.

The original design was published in the March 1936 issue of "QST" by Yardley Beers (W3AWH).  The antenna was developed and tested by his good friend H.G. Siegel (W3EDP).  The distant cousin of this antenna was patented in 1909 by Hans Beggerow and was later used on Zeppelin airships for a communications antenna.

The W3EDP antenna and its variants are simple, compact, and easy to deploy--a perfect match for QRP portable and emergency operations.  I've used a W3EDP design several times and have found it quite satisfactory with no major problems as long as you follow the recommended wire lengths (84 feet/25.6 meters for the longer antenna element and 17 feet/5.18 meters for the shorter antenna element). You will also need a feedline made from 300 ohm television twin lead or 450 ohm ladder line, a 4:1 balun, and a short length of 50 ohm coaxial cable to connect the balun to your antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").

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