Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Low Profile APARTMENT ANTENNAS. Post #650.

Low Profile Operating APARTMENT ANTENNAS (,148).
Accessed on 07 January 2016, 00:55 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Simone Mannini (IW5EDI) of Firenze, Italy.

Simone has assembled a compact list of antennas that are suitable for apartment or deed-restricted areas (HOAs/CC&Rs).  The list discusses various wire antennas,verticals, magnetic loops, dipoles, and small beam antennas that will get you on the air without drawing attention to your amateur radio station. Most of these antennas can be hidden in attics or elsewhere in your living quarters.  A compromise antenna is better than no antenna at all.  This article should give you some ideas on how to build antennas that fit your living conditions.

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